Friday, 2 July 2010

Carbon Fibre Bonnet Wrap

Carbon Fibre Vinyl is perfect to create a Carbon Fibre Bonnet Wrap. This is illustrated above by the photo from Sunny from Kustom Carbon.

Small vehicles are the easiest for a DIY carbon wrap as the vinyl can cover the full bonnet and the most difficult part is trimming it to fit.

How to Join Carbon Vinyl

With larger cars like the Toyota Supra it gets more difficult to wrap the bonnet as the vinyl used here is 3M™ Di-Noc™ which is manufactured on a roll 1220mm wide and the Supra bonnet is larger than this.

There is a lot of talk on car forums about techniques to join wheets of carbon fibre vinyl so that the pattern still matches. The propper name for this is a Butt join and is achieved by laying two sheets of carbon vinyl on top of each other, taking care to ensure the pattern matches. Cutting through the overlapping area allows you to remove the excess from the top and bottom the vinyl should join up perfectly with the carbon fibre pattern still matching.

There are two issues with this when doing vehicle applications.  You can't go cutting vinyl when it's in place on a car as this seriously risks damaging the paintwork and even if you did, temperature changes will make the vinyl creep very slightly which opens up the join to water, dust and polish which are likely to start working their way under the vinyl causing it to lift.

On large bonnets we therefore recommend using a technique similar to Sunny's where a design is created that flows with the lines of the car. In the case of the Peugeot above Sunny worked along the lines on the bonnet leading to the headlights, following this down onto the grille and lower bumper.

UPDATE 27-02-2010: 3M™ have now released their new Carbon Fibre Vehicle Wrapping vinyl, it's called Series 1080 and is available in several colours and also features air release channels for virtually bubble free installation.  Importantly it's 1524mm (5 foot) wide allowing a bonnet to be wraped in a single sheet of vinyl.

Carbon Vinyl Fitting and Installation

If you want carbon vinyl fitted to your car and are based in Leeds or West Yorkshire give Sunny a call on 07592 279 776.

New Carbon Fibre Vinyl Websi


Sunny @ Kustom Carbon said...

Thanks for the comments on my work! Gotta say Underground Graphics are a great company! Big thanks and support to Jas for his innovative design that works perfectly on his car!


Chris said...

This has been one of the articles I link to most when people ask about bonnet wraps - so much easier to show a photo of a part coverage design as it doesn't always sound the best until you see it for real.

We should be trialling some much wider Carbon Fibre Vinyl soon so bonnet wraps in a single sheet might become a possibility for those with anything larger than a city car.