Sunday, 25 October 2009

Trailer for Transporting the Mitsubishi GTO

After checking out eBay and calling all the local trailer places we finally found one wide enough to fit the GTO on which was a reasonable price and wasn't too far away to collect. The trailer is a Brian James and is a few years old but has been well looked after so we don't need to do much work on it before taking the GTO on it's first trailer ride.

Main job was to replace the bed which was a bit worn which was going smoothly right up to the point where we ripped out all the wiring for the tail lights. That's all back in place now [thanks Tim!] so all that's left is to finish bolting down the new bed and run the wiring for the winch.

Hydraulic tilt mechanism has been replaced with a manual version to save a bit of weight.

Electric winch is back on the trailer now and is waiting on the electrics being hooked up.

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