Sunday, 25 October 2009

Trailer for Transporting the Mitsubishi GTO

After checking out eBay and calling all the local trailer places we finally found one wide enough to fit the GTO on which was a reasonable price and wasn't too far away to collect. The trailer is a Brian James and is a few years old but has been well looked after so we don't need to do much work on it before taking the GTO on it's first trailer ride.

Main job was to replace the bed which was a bit worn which was going smoothly right up to the point where we ripped out all the wiring for the tail lights. That's all back in place now [thanks Tim!] so all that's left is to finish bolting down the new bed and run the wiring for the winch.

Hydraulic tilt mechanism has been replaced with a manual version to save a bit of weight.

Electric winch is back on the trailer now and is waiting on the electrics being hooked up.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

What is The Most Expensive Part on the Underground GTO?

You'd think the single most expensive part of the Underground GTO might be the Carbon Clutch, or maybe the modified DR Stage 3 Heads. If you were thinking the Autronic SM4 you'd be close or even the carbon prop would be a good guess.

Turns out it's actually the windscreen - Autoglass took £3, 284.72 for a replacement screen last week - thankfully we only had to pay the excess and the insurance company took care of the rest.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Show Plates are MUCKIN FINTED!

Show plates are an essential part of the show and cruise scene, keeping your reg hidden and completing the look of your car. Underground Graphics supply Mini Plates, Custom Show Plates, Bike Plates and Road Legal plates. Email for more details or to discuss your ideas.

Remember and take them off before you head home!

Show plates for every occasion.

Photos by Stuart taken at Euan McMorland's Memorial Cruise on Sunday 16 August 2009.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Victory for Car Planet Racing at Ten of the Best

Car Planet Racing took a team of staff and customer cars to Ten of the Best VIII at Elvington. Despite the difficult conditions James Nicholl achieved a win in the 0-400m Shoot-Out Finals. James first beat Andy Forester in his Impreza then in an all Evo final beat Paul Martin's Momemtum Motorsport car.

Clive Sneddon set a new personal best in the 0-400m discipline putting in a 9.5 second run which is even more impressive when you take the damp conditions into account.

Underground Graphics supplied Car Planet Racing with a range of decals and promotional material for the event including large CPR logos for 15 cars and a few full colour outdoor PVC banners.

Car Planet Racing Team at Ten of the Best

Clive Seddon's - Orange Evo 5 - 950hp

Car Planet Racing Team returnin from Ten of the Best VIII

Underground Provide Decals for Japan North Promo Vehicle

The third annual Japan North car show took place today at Haigh Hall in the North West of England. The show is a charity event and was attended by around 20 car clubs including the MLR and GTROC.

Underground Graphics are pleased to have supplied the promo decals for the event organiser's Skyline R34, shown above drumming up some pre-event support at a local supermarket.

Underground Graphics design and supply custom event and promotion decals including window stickers, sunstrips and outdoor PVC banners. Similar products include web address stickers and show plates for car clubs.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Car Planet Racing Prepare For Ten of the Best

We were busy this week with a large order for Car Planet Racing in preparation for them attending Ten of the Best. Amongst the products supplied were their 'Spirit of Victory' sunstrips, CP*R rear quarter decals and Ameon sponsorship decals for one of their cars that is racing at TOTB on 26 July 2009. More photos to follow when the guys get back from the event.

Car Planet Racing are a Motorsport & Performance Road Tuning Specialist, offering services includeing Motorsport & Competition Preparation, Performance Fast Road Tuning andDyno Re-Mapping.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Underground Graphics Exhibiting at Scottish Modified Cars Show 2009

Underground Graphics are pleased to have been confirmed as exhibiting at the 2009 Scottish Modified Car show. The show takes place on Sunday 19 July at Ingliston near Edinburgh and is billed as the biggest and loudest yet!

We missed out on being at the show last year and are really looking forward to the event. The Underground GTO will be on display among the Top 50 cars and we will have a stand for you to purchase and order graphics, get advice and ideas or simply stop by for a chat.

Shown above, hot off the cutter, are the Top 50 show car decals which we supplied to the show organisers along with hundreds of Scottish Modified Show stickers.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Viper Racing Stripes Range Updated

We have updated our range of Viper Racing Stripes from the classic Twin Viper Stripes to include another 4 designs suitable for modern hot hatches as well as cherrished classic vehicles.

All of our Viper Stripes are easy to apply and are universal fitment. All you need to do before you order is measure up your particular vehicle to figure the length that you require.

For further information or to order Viper Stripes visit the Underground Graphics website.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Underground Mitsubishi GTO Dyno Results

We finally collected the Underground GTO from Sitech Racing today and headed straight for Hypertech to put it on the Dyno. This is the first time the car has been on the dyno since it was fully rebuilt by Sitech and Simon had estimated we would see a power figure of 475bhp.

The first run showed a figure of 538.9bhp at 21psi on 95 RON fuel. AFR was very conservative at around 10.5:1 so we're really happy with the result... for now!

The funniest part of the day was probably watching live dyno feed on the tv screen during the first run. Apparently the dyno operator had said to Gav he'd just set the scale at top the chart to 450bhp. The moment the car reached 4000rpm the power trace shot straight off the top of the screen.

Video of Underground Graphics Mitsubishi GTO on the Dyno

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Underground Graphics Website Moving to New Server

The Underground Graphics Website is being migrated to a new server this weekend. The nature of the move means that the website will be unavailable for short periods and there may be a few intermittant errors on one or two pages. We are monitoring the migration closely and will be working with the support team in the datacentre to resolve any issues as we become aware of them.

Should you experience any problems please let us know by emailing with a note of the URL and any error message. If you are unable to place your order online please call 0845 094 2402 or email us with your phone number and we will call you back.

Thank you for your patience.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Who buys car stickers and decals from Underground Graphics?

Underground Graphics have supplied car stickers and decals to Fast & Modified Magazine, Auto Trader, Modified Nationals, Destination Nurburgring, Halfords, Keith Cowie and Andrew Gallacher to name but a few.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

New Underground Graphics Website Launched

The new version of the Underground Graphics website was accidentally launched this morning. It's been in development for a while and wasn't quite ready to go public but during routine maintenance of the old website some files were accidentally deleted and rather than spend time restoring them from backup we decided that the new website should be launched instead.

The new vinyl graphics website features the latest version of the shopping cart software which makes buying decals and stickers much easier. There are now 9 standard sticker sizes instead of 3, you can select specialty colours online and also order your stickers reversed for internal fitment on glass.

The new sticker website allows you to make payment via PayPal as well as RBS Worldpay and has a host of promotional features that we will use to offer discount on vinyl sticker products on a regular basis.

There is still a bit of work to be done on the site but it is fully functional and ready to accept orders for any stickers or graphics you need for the summer car show season.

Check it out at

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Custom Show Plates for Cars

Underground Graphics have produced a number of custom car show plates recently including a full colour 3D effect plate for a Ford Focus ST.

Also looking pretty neat is the Toyota Corolla Show Plate with japanese rising sun in the background.

Last is the Audi plate with ghosted Audi logo in the background.

Last is the Audi plate with ghosted Audi logo in the background.

To order Custom Car Show plates send an email to or by calling 0845 094 2402.

Mini Number Plates for Bikes or Show Plates for Cars

Mini Plates are ideal for Bikes or Cars - show use only mind! Underground Graphics Mini Plates are 265x65mm and we get the Acrylics custom made as none of the number plate manufacturers have a really small stock size. The photos below show how the plates are made.

Mini Plates can be ordered by emailing or by calling 0845 094 2402.

First the plate border is cut from vinyl and applied to the reflective plate backing.

Next the registration number is cut from vinyl and applied on the plate backing.

Then the acrylic plate is placed on top of the reg number and border.

The plate is run through the rollers to make sure everything sticks together.

The excess reflective material is trimmed off with a scalpel.

The finished Mini Plate ready to go on a bike.

Monday, 20 April 2009

GTO Heads Ready to Go Back On

Turns out the Heads had deformed on the unposted areas. Simon at Sitech Racing sent them to Agra Engineering in Dundee to be resurfaced and they arrived back in his workshop today.

The plan is to fit them later this week and then turn down the boost a couple of clicks to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Hopefully this gives us enough time to get a play in the car before the event at Shakespeare County Raceway on 16 and 17 May where it would be nice to get some dry tarmac and see what the GTO can run in the dry.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Underground Graphics Mitsubishi GTO Update

Following the Photoshoot for Banzai Magazine the GTO decided to start chucking out all its water any time it got boost, even just a fraction of boost was enough to set it off. We put the car off the road for the winter and have just rolled it back out and Simon at Sitech Racing, who carry out performance and race car tuning in Scotland, is currently diagnosing the issue.

Having exausted all the minor possibilities the heads came off and the issue became apparent. Initial thoughts are that both the front and rear heads may have bowed and the water has escaped under the gasket rings. There is no evidence of detination, the heads have not warped, the pistons are good etc. so the cause is not immediately obvious. At this time it looks like the heads may have been weak for some reason.

Further investigation will follow to establish exactly what has caused the issue so it can be resolved and we can get the car on the track again.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Underground Graphics Mitsubishi GTO Featured in Banzai Magazine

The January edition of Banzai Magazine hit the shelves this month with the Underground Graphics GTO gracing the front cover. Editor Joe Clifford reckons it was something he'd never do - a GTO on the front cover - they're too heavy, old and a bit dated looking. That is unless they've been worked on by Sitech Racing.
The GTO always offered speed and comfort, but an extreme weigt loss programme from Sitech Racing has turned this Mitsubishi into a lean, tuned track toy.
We knew the photos had been taken and thought we might see a double page in Banzai. There was no way we expected the front cover, a 7 page article and double page pull out poster! Thanks to Adrian Brannan for the immense photos and Andrew Biddle for writing the article.

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