Friday, 22 August 2008

GTO At Sitech for USSC Tweaks

The GTO has gone back to Sitech Racing this week for a few tweaks ahead of the Ultimate Scottish Street Car event which takes place on 31 August 2008. The main job is to strip the gearbox and replace whatever is causing changes to be a little notchy, especially when selecting first and third.

Also on the list are:
  • Bars to be welded in behind the doors on the roll cage
  • Cold start to be tweaked on the ECU to throw in a little extra fuel
  • Bonnet alignment to be checked
  • Screamer pipe realigned after it lost an argument with a speed bump
  • Radiator fan electrics checked to figure what's causing them not to come on when the ECU tells them to
  • More BOOOOSST!
Fingers crossed whatever the gearbox needs is in stock so there are no hold ups, everything else is just minor tweaks.

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