Monday, 7 July 2008

Crail Thrash

This time a few people got organised and headed for Crail hoping for some dry weather and keeping the fingers crossed for some good runs. Unfortunately as is typical of summer in Scotland it rained from the minute we got within 100 miles of the track.

There looked to be almost as many cars as had showed for the Total Vauxhall event two weeks previously but without all the spectators.

I knew from the previous time on the track that the GTO is a bit of a handful off the line, moreso in the wet, and expected the way to go was with a gentle launch then into second with about 50% throttle aiming to put in a bit more as the revs rose but as soon as boost came on the back end kicked out to the right and it looked like I was heading for the fields. Worse yet my dumb ass goes straight for the brakes! Luckily the car pulled back straight. The only slightly redeeming thing about that run was I still crossed the line before the Seat in lane 2.

Missed third gear on the second and third runs and however much I'd like to blame it on the box being overdue for a rebuild the blame lies squarely with the driver.

We took an hour out to wait for any signs of things drying up but gave up and started the 130 mile drive home with soaking clothes and a very great need for some serious practice.

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