Monday, 23 June 2008

First Track Runs on New Spec

We took the GTO up to Crail on 22 June having collected it from Sitech Racing fresh after the engine rebuild just two days before.

When it finally stopped raining the track dried out a little allowing for a 12.544 second pass, immediately followed by a 12.638. We're fairly happy with that given that it was difficult to launch the car in the damp conditions and it's still on low 'ish boost at 20psi. Judging by the terminal speeds of 122mph we should easily make mid 11s with a good launch - compare with the figures on the 3s quicklist.

Ended up with a small electrical fault that caused the water temperature to rise. Turned out the radiator fans weren't coming on. The laptop showed that the ECU was telling them to but somewhere along the line the 15 year old wiring appears to have developed a fault. A simple rocker switch gave us a quick fix so they can be turned on and off manually until the wiring fault is found.

We'll be back at Crail on 06 July with a few more pounds of boost and our fingers crossed that the sun will make an appearance.

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