Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Cusco 6 point Roll Cage for Mitsubishi GTO

After 3 months the Cusco 6 point roll cage finally showed up for the GTO. Nobody told us Cusco kit only comes in blue! Simon at Sitech Racing in Perthshire had it fitted in around a day. The dashboard had to be cut to get the front legs of the cage in but we knew this was a requirement before the cage was ordered.

At £0.68 a bit of foam pipe lagging provides the cheapest modification to the car ever but it is one of the most essential as getting your head bounced off the side of the cage with every large pothole quickly becomes very irritating.

Next time the GTO is up at Sitech it'll be getting some door bars welded in and maybe the cage tacked onto the chassis.

Photos to follow.

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