Thursday, 13 November 2008

GTO Photoshoot

Adrian Brannan from AB Carpix stopped by recently to take a few photos of the Underground Graphics Mitsubishi GTO. I'd say he did a rather good job given it was practically dark and raining to boot.

The GTO was built by Simon at Sitech Racing and features a pair of T35 Garrett Turbos, Autronic SM4 ECU, fully built and balanced block and enough carbon to have Boeing nervous of a shortfall for their 787 Dreamliner.

Check out Adrian's Feature Car Portfolio and Sitech Racing.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Sitech Racing featured in Fast Ford

Sitech Racing, the Perthshire based engine and project car builder responsible for developing the Underground Graphics Mitsubishi GTO, have again been featured in Fast Ford. This time in the Specialist Feature section with 6 pages covering the company's vast technical experience gained at the top levels of motorsport including BTCC and Formula 1 as well as in house fabrication and innovative product development on the Ford platform.

"If you want to go fast, handle well or go completely bonkers, Sitech Racing can do it." - Fast Ford Magazine, 2008

You can read more and download the full feature article from the Sitech Racing website: Sitech Racing Fast Ford Feature or jump straight to read about the services on offer:

Sponsored Rally Drivers Update

Underground Graphics are sponsoring several Rally competitors for 2008 including Mark and Amanda who will be driving a Pug 106 rally prepped 16v car in their first season of competition.

So far we have done the Ingleston single venue Tarmac rally and a more local autocross which was great fun, we both drove and got a 3rd and 6th in class that day. Ingleston was brilliant too, very nerve wracking for us both but we finished and no breakages.

I am back on September 3rd from working overseas and on the 5th Sept we are driving down to Newton Stewart in Dumfries to do the Merrick Forest Stages which is a really big 110 mile event over one day on the 6th. The next weekend we are going down to Durham for the Tour of Hamsterley Forest Stages again a 90 miles multi stage event!

The following weekend we are dong a 2 day sprint event north of Aberdeen then my last weekend at home we are marshaling the McRae stages in Perthshire so there is lots going on.

Waiting for good pics to send you showing the graphics etc.

Mark and Amanda's other sponsors include:

GTO At Sitech for USSC Tweaks

The GTO has gone back to Sitech Racing this week for a few tweaks ahead of the Ultimate Scottish Street Car event which takes place on 31 August 2008. The main job is to strip the gearbox and replace whatever is causing changes to be a little notchy, especially when selecting first and third.

Also on the list are:
  • Bars to be welded in behind the doors on the roll cage
  • Cold start to be tweaked on the ECU to throw in a little extra fuel
  • Bonnet alignment to be checked
  • Screamer pipe realigned after it lost an argument with a speed bump
  • Radiator fan electrics checked to figure what's causing them not to come on when the ECU tells them to
  • More BOOOOSST!
Fingers crossed whatever the gearbox needs is in stock so there are no hold ups, everything else is just minor tweaks.

Monday, 7 July 2008

A day of firsts for Fraser Jones

Underground Graphics have sponsored some highly modified show and cruise cars in the past few years and we felt it was time to support a different area of our customer base this year. 2008 sees Fraser Jones and his rally prepared Mitsubishi Evo 6 as our main sponsor vehicle.

More photos available in the Underground Graphics Mitsubishi Rally Evo 6 Gallery

Recently Fraser finished 12th overall on his four wheel drive debut in the Dumfries based Scottish Rally.

A disappointing starting position of 37th meant that Jones had to struggle with rapidly deteriorating road conditions over his higher seeded competitors costing vital time in the forests around Dumfries.

The first stage proved difficult as Fraser and new for the event co-driver Gavin Miller had to get used to each other and the car. Nevertheless emerging from the stage in 14th position would prove to be a strong start to the day.

With the first stage behind them the crew settled in readiness for stage 2 and adopted a more considered approach. Showing great promise they emerged with the equal first placed time in their class.

Throughout the day the crew were catching slower competitors costing vital seconds in three of the six stages. The majority of the time being lost in the final long stage Ae North when they were stuck behind a slower Subaru Impreza who refused to pull over for the final few miles spoiling what was a thoroughly enjoyable stage.

The team performance grew throughout the day as they became more comfortable with the new more powerful car. The times were consistent but masked the overall improvement as they were nursing the car with a rapidly deteriorating gearbox which had no 4th gear for four of the six stages.

A fantastic event with superb stages gave the crew a great opportunity to learn the new car. It was the first time Jones had competed in a left hand drive car, first time in a 4 wheel drive car, first time with new co-driver Gavin Miller, first time with the backing of Underground Graphics and it was rewarded with a first in class stage time….on stage 2.

Crail Thrash

This time a few people got organised and headed for Crail hoping for some dry weather and keeping the fingers crossed for some good runs. Unfortunately as is typical of summer in Scotland it rained from the minute we got within 100 miles of the track.

There looked to be almost as many cars as had showed for the Total Vauxhall event two weeks previously but without all the spectators.

I knew from the previous time on the track that the GTO is a bit of a handful off the line, moreso in the wet, and expected the way to go was with a gentle launch then into second with about 50% throttle aiming to put in a bit more as the revs rose but as soon as boost came on the back end kicked out to the right and it looked like I was heading for the fields. Worse yet my dumb ass goes straight for the brakes! Luckily the car pulled back straight. The only slightly redeeming thing about that run was I still crossed the line before the Seat in lane 2.

Missed third gear on the second and third runs and however much I'd like to blame it on the box being overdue for a rebuild the blame lies squarely with the driver.

We took an hour out to wait for any signs of things drying up but gave up and started the 130 mile drive home with soaking clothes and a very great need for some serious practice.

Monday, 23 June 2008

First Track Runs on New Spec

We took the GTO up to Crail on 22 June having collected it from Sitech Racing fresh after the engine rebuild just two days before.

When it finally stopped raining the track dried out a little allowing for a 12.544 second pass, immediately followed by a 12.638. We're fairly happy with that given that it was difficult to launch the car in the damp conditions and it's still on low 'ish boost at 20psi. Judging by the terminal speeds of 122mph we should easily make mid 11s with a good launch - compare with the figures on the 3s quicklist.

Ended up with a small electrical fault that caused the water temperature to rise. Turned out the radiator fans weren't coming on. The laptop showed that the ECU was telling them to but somewhere along the line the 15 year old wiring appears to have developed a fault. A simple rocker switch gave us a quick fix so they can be turned on and off manually until the wiring fault is found.

We'll be back at Crail on 06 July with a few more pounds of boost and our fingers crossed that the sun will make an appearance.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Cusco 6 point Roll Cage for Mitsubishi GTO

After 3 months the Cusco 6 point roll cage finally showed up for the GTO. Nobody told us Cusco kit only comes in blue! Simon at Sitech Racing in Perthshire had it fitted in around a day. The dashboard had to be cut to get the front legs of the cage in but we knew this was a requirement before the cage was ordered.

At £0.68 a bit of foam pipe lagging provides the cheapest modification to the car ever but it is one of the most essential as getting your head bounced off the side of the cage with every large pothole quickly becomes very irritating.

Next time the GTO is up at Sitech it'll be getting some door bars welded in and maybe the cage tacked onto the chassis.

Photos to follow.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

What's Planned for June and July?

Scottish Modified Car Show

Underground Graphics are set to attend the largest modified car show in Scotland on Sunday 20 July 2008. We will be sharing our stand space with Perthshire based performance and race car tuners Sitech Racing. Sitech prepared our own Mitsubishi GTO demo vehicle to a high specification. The GTO now weighs in at over 300kg less than when it was handed over to Sitech and is currently running a very conservative map producing around 500 bhp.

Sitech will be displaying their own Ford Escort RS Turbo at the show along with a Sitech prepared Toyota Supra.

New Website for Underground Graphics

We have a new website in development which will feature a completely revised layout, easier ordering, downloadable fitting guides and an extensive gallery of our work. Trade account holders will benefit from the ability to order online at trade prices.

Need for Speed Underground Style Toyota Yaris

Fraser came to Underground Graphics to complete the look on his heavily modified Toyota Yaris. With the engine and interior already sorted the only thing remaining was to complete the bodywork. Inspired by Need For Speed Underground Fraser came to the office armed with ideas and prints straight from the game.

Wrapping body panels with vinyl is difficult when they are not flat or gently curved so you'd think a full bumper is out of the question. Not always as Vehicle Conform vinyl is very pliable, handy seeing as it's sold specifically to wrap vehicles in. Sadly in this case the limited number of colours available meant Fraser had to come up with another plan - matching paint to the stock red vinyl we were using on the rest of the car. A call to Andy at the Bodyworx in Paisley, who comes highly recommended having done a stunning job with Doug's Nissan Skyline, our Official 2005 Show Car, meant we were free to get on with the job and Fraser had the bright red bumper sorted.

The rest of the design flows nicely with the lines on the car - single wide stripe coming off the back of the huge bonnet scoop, over the bonnet, roof and down the boot. Red angled stripe along the bottom of the doors tying the bumper in to the rear of the car and the curves at the ends of the sideskirts wrapped in red.

Some performance logos finish the design off keeping the car very tidy without going over the top.

More photos of Fraser's Toyota Yaris by Underground Graphics are available in our Portfolio at:

Underground Graphics International

June is hotting up in more ways than one - summer is definitely here and Underground Graphics have hit a record number of international orders in a single month... and we're only two weeks in so far!

So far we've shipped vinyl graphics to USA, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, Hungary and Switzerland along with plenty of decal orders going out to the UK

Product Development is also progressing nicely with two new kits for the Subaru Impreza in the pipeline. The first is already drawn and sized up and is only waiting for the datasheets and other promotional material to be finalised. The second based on Subaru's Rally of America cars is fully drawn waiting to be sized up.

Mines Vinyl Graphic kit for Nissan Skyline

Underground Graphics recently developed a new vinyl graphics kit suitable for the Nissan Skyline based on the livery of the legendary Mines R34 GTR.

Shown fitted to Carl's Skyline the kit features dashed side stripes, Mines signature logos for both doors and bonnet and smaller Mines logos for both bumpers and front wings. There's also a Mines web address for the front splitter.

As always the kit is available in any choice of colour from our standard range with more available on special order.

For more information or to place an order email or call 0845 094 2402.

For more photos check out the Underground Graphics portfolio at: